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Welcome to the Drug-Free world of LeoCat

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What can you do to protect your children from drugs? The most important thing is to spend "quality time" with them, so you can guide them and set a good example.They are at great risk of being influenced to use tobacco, alcohol and all kinds of illegal drugs; while we only have time to work hard at making a living, unable to spend enough time with them, so they would have an opportunity to perceive in a calm way, the messages we want them to hear and heed: we dont' need drugs, we should never try them, they are no good, "WE WERE BORN TO BE DRUG FREE."

It would be great if every time we saw our kids and they saw us, a message could somehow be aired reminding them that we love them and want a drug-free life for them; or if at least we could give them a present that would serve as a reminder, when we are not around. Well, thanks to LeoCat, it is now possible to take care of both situations. In reality, our busy schedules, lack of patience and/or inability to communicate adequately with our children may keep us from educating them properly about the many dangers of using and abusing tobacco, alcohol, and many other illegal drugs. But if you really understand the gravity and responsability of it all, there is something you can do to start protecting your children now

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