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Welcome to the Drug-Free world of LeoCat

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 I bet, you too have longed for a way to make a difference in the world around you, especially when you see how the use and abuse of drugs is affecting the lives of so many good people, and as a society it seems like we are doing nothing about it. It is very difficult to try to help someone without getting tangled up in a mess of hard feelings and fights, even with friends and relatives. Drugs have destroyed many families and caused severe damage to relationships when people try to solve the problem through lectures and/or verbal confrontations, leaving behind bitterness and more anxiety.

Trying to lock up every youngster that makes a mistake has not improved, and will not correct an already difficult situation. In many instances it compounds the problem by making real criminals out of our kids. So this is why we are excited to welcome you to your club: The Club of Friends of LeoCat. Our immediate aim is to have you and many other good citizens like you join us. Our endeavor is to silently preach that we (all of humanity) were BORN TO BE DRUG FREE (without nagging or arguing).

We'll use jackets, shirts, pants, hats, bumper stickers as well as other paraphernalia to let our club, with it's beautiful Lion, do a constant preaching without antagonizing anybody. Our beautifully embroidered clothing items will make a wonderful gift a father can give his son or daughter, sending thereby a message of true love. It is a gift you probably want to give yourself or someone you care for. It is a beautiful gift and a beautiful message from anybody to anybody on any occasion.

As we offer you this opportunity to make a difference, feel free to choose what best suits your personality and be proud of your efforts to change our youth's and children's attitude towards drugs. 

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