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Welcome to the Drug-Free world of LeoCat

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Our busy schedule and lack of patience or inability to communicate adequately with our children, may keep us from educating them properly about the dangers of trying and using illegal drugs. We believe these are only a few of many reasons why it is in our children's best interest to take advantage of LeoCat's help, and wonderful message: "BORN TO BE DRUG FREE."It is a well-known and proven fact in "Early Childhood Education" that, when it comes to learning, children absorb everything the way a sponge absorbs liquids. Based on this well known concept, LeoCat has started a campaign against the use and abuse of illegal drugs, using the same technique big successful companies use, to make us buy their products: Constant and persistent messages. Given the importance and validity of a tried and true strategy, LeoCat has come up with his own "Short, Powerful, and Positive" message that will definitely make a difference in our "Future Teenagers'" attitude towards drugs and their emotional capacity to reject them, in despite of "Peer Pressure. "LeoCat's message "BORN TO BE DRUG FREE," beautifully embroidered on fine quality wearables, is undoubtedly a most valuable tool in the pursuit of a "Drug-Free Future" for our children. For best results an association must be established with the message and a significant person in the life of your children, such as dad, mom, grandpa, a brother, a sister or someone dear and close to the family, who would be a good role model. When you wear a "BORN TO BE DRUG FREE" garment, you are establishing that association and giving your children countless opportunities to see the message and absorb it. To some extent it will work like a flashing light, flashing the message every time they see it on you. Moreover, you will be making a statement for many others to see and reflect upon. Most likely there is someone in your life who would benefit by wearing garments with that meaningful message. No sense in arguing with a teenage son or daughter when you can clearly show and express your convictions regarding the use of drugs, without saying a word or risking deterioration of what should always be a beautiful friendship. And you will be bombarding them with the right message at no significant cost, and spreading good will and hope wherever you go. But, if you don't feel comfortable wearing it yourself, your children will, and they will also always remember your gift, because they will never forget your message: We were "BORN TO BE DRUG FREE." Yes, "YOUCAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE NOW", and...

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